Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 159 of 164. Back, shoulders, triceps.

A very heavy and intense day.

  1. Warmup, Elliptical Crosstrainer.
  2. Machine Assisted Pullup, -110lb.
  3. cycled with Machine Assisted Dip, -80lb.
  4. cycled with (yes, a triple cycle) Ball Plank.
  5. Machine Seated Row, at my current max, 110lb
  6. cycled with something new, Standing Straightarm Pulldown. 40lb, but it was intense, due to the leverage of my long arms.
  7. Machine Shoulder Press, 100lb
  8. cycled with Machine Shoulder Raise
  9. Hammer Frame Iso High Row. 100lb per arm, which I think is a personal record.
  10. cycled with Unsupported Seated "Skull Crusher", 35lb
  11. Finished off with Low Back Raise, 35lb
  12. cycled with Trap Shoulder Shrug, 90lb

This wass a LOT of exercises, and a lot to pack into an hour, and none of them were light or easy. By the end of the session, I was having to take 2 minute breathers, resting flat on my back on a bench, between sets. But I didn't puke, I didn't fail, and I didn't quit.

I wish I was better at infusing that numbered list of exercise names with the sensation of actually doing them feels like.
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