Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

It looks like the replacement ReplayTV is also horked. I got a CATV inline amp from RatShack, only to find the unit had already corrupted itself, before I even got the amp installed. Will try a full reinitialize reset next. If I was a new PVR user, this experience would sour me to the whole concept. I really should lobby to get added to the field trial list for Moxi box, but that would require me to upgrade my CATV service to digital cable, with attendant jump in the monthly fee.

I got the stock Postfix MTA that comes with Fedora Core 1 to use's relay server. It helps that said stock package has SASL and TLS already built in. So, as a bonus, now wireless sniffers in public hotspots can no longer sniff my outgoing email.

My bedroom window fan finally burned completely out, leaving my apt more than a little bit muggy. It has lasted beyond the call of duty, I got it in 1996 when I first moved to Boston, and it has often been run constantly all day for months at a stretch since then. But it's being surprisingly hard to find a replacement. Both FredMeyer and BedBath&Beyond have said "we dont carry those". Maybe Sears...

Both Birki and Kiddi slowly continue to lose weight. I'm trying not to be paniced. Every additional day with Birki is an unearned gift, but I would really rather my cats be immortal. They're starting on this new higher calorie kidney safe diet, I hope it helps.

Went to the monthly bisocial at the Vivace. Six people. Enjoyed pleasent conversation about nothing important.

After an evening of playing with Kouryou-chan, and then a yummy dinner, watched half of Pirates of the Caribbean with omahas. Much fun! Had not seen it before, tho I had heard Good Things about it. Will finish watching it tomorrow.

Arranged with Brent to meet up tomorrow for dinner. He was busy today, spending over four hours running a tattoo needle over his patron.

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