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Working for a company that has Attention Defect Disorder

So, at work, I'd been starting to really get into this really cool new project. It's got lots of positive visibility with the executive types, it has the possibility of making a pile of money for the company, it really will help change the world for the better. I'm the main developer. I've got two semi-management types running interference for me, another developer gearing up to do all the UI stuff so I don't have to deal with it, and lots of cool new tech (SIP, RTP, voice codecs, etc) to learn as use, and some LGPLed software libraries to improve.

So yesterday my boss pulls me into his office, to tell me that a different group wants to, instead of actually (horrors) hiring a specialist, instead pull me in to do security audits on their box, and since I can't do that and this too at the same time, then this project, the one that will actually do something useful, productive, high profile, and profitable, may get put "on hold".

DAMN it!

This is the world of the Paul Allen companies, where the corporate culture is best described as having Attention Defect Disorder. They seem unable to pick something, ANYTHING, and see it though. Forget there being no "follow through", things routinely get derailed in the time between "starting up" and "getting going". This is the reason why, for all his billions invested in the tech sector, the Accidental Zillionaire has been unable to incubate even a single breakout company, idea, technology, or software.

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