Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Café. Dance. Sleep/wake/stretch. And family.

I would call the day spent working in the café a success. Tho a future addition will be my headphones, and a laptop security cable, so I can take a trip to the head without packing everything up.

After jezel returned with the Forester (which she had borrowed to use while moving to her new place), I dropped her off and then elected to go to the Grind at the `Spot.

The DJ was having a lot of fun, the mix was very dancible, lots and lots of people were there, including some that I knew (such as tontawinter), and the eye-candy factor was the highest I've seen at the `spot. I didn't get home `till about 1:30am.

Stiff and sore, a little bit.

My brother Brent called me a little while ago. He's going to be in Seattle tomorrow morning, staying for a few days. Apparently, someone is flying him up to fix their tattoos.
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