Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 155 of 164. Legs.

  1. Warmup, Elliptical Crosstrainer
  2. Machine Leg Press, a new new personal record, 325lb
  3. cycled with Ball Squat
  4. Nautilus Leg Curl
  5. cycled with Ball Leg Curl
  6. Nautilus Leg Extension
  7. cycled with Lunge
  8. Seated Calves
  9. Step Up. Been a long while since I did these, they winded me good.
  10. Standing Calves

I started feeling a line of fire running from one point on the right side of my neck where it joins to my skull, down my neck, under my shoulder blade, and finally to a point on the right of my middle spine. It wasn't sharp or sudden, just a slowly growing throb. I must have mildly strained something, either at the start, or sometime this weekend. I will see if it's still with me next time.

I complained a bit to Steve, and he said that *nobody* is completely injury-free. People who don't work out are riddled with small strains and sprains and weak joints. People who do work out, less so, but are more aware of them. And people who are hardcore are, again, riddled with muscular and connective tissue damage.

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