Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

A review of the Netgear PS101 Mini Print Server

The Netgear PS101 is a cool little product. The size of a connector backshell, and turns any parallel port printer into a network printer. And for the most part, so far, it Just Works.

There are some niggling little details that would make it perfect, such as support for IPP and IEEE802.3af PoE and ZeroConf with UPnP (for the windows folks) and Rendezvous (for the mac folks). But just DHCP and LPR is good enough, and needing to plug in Yet Another wall wart isn't too painful.

I wish that the docs wouldn't say it supports "Windows LPR" tho. LPR is a horrible horrible protocol, "worthy" of BillyShit, but still, it's not. And it pisses me off when credit is given to them for things that are not theirs.

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