Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Iron Chef Naked Sushi

Such fun Seattle summer weather. The sun is pouring in the windows, while the rain drizzles from the sky.

Friday, I left work at the stroke of 5pm, and went home to groom and primp. I then picked up tonyawinter, and we went to the `Spot for an evening of Iron Chef competion sushi, served "Bonzai" style. "Morimoto" Monk won the competition, with both the best sushi, and the best presentation. I was friendly and social with a lot of people there, some of whom I knew, and some I did not, and looked at a lot of fun eyecandy.

This morning, I went into Seattle. Dropped by intrepid_reason's place to return her sunglasses, which she had accidentally left with me on the 4th. She invited me in, and we had a comfortable time chatting, and I got to meet her newly moved in roommate, and said roommate's dog. The dog was surprisingly friendly and calm (apparently it ususally doesnt care for strangers, and especiall men).

I had an excellent session with Mr Henry over the piano. Maybe I should move my regular lesson to a weekend late morning, instead of after work on a weekday. Less brainfried.

I then went up to jezel's workplace to say hello, and took her out to lunch.

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