Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

A dream, Pokemon North Koreans

I'm going to experiment with using LJ as a dream diary. I've read that the more you journal your dreams, the easier they become to remember, we shall see.

I read a USENET post yesterday where someone related a story about an American martial artist going to China for a symposium on his art. His hosts told him that they were not used to having Americans attend, but they would house him with the other non-Chinese attendees so he would feel more comfortable.

So he ended up in a dorm full of North Koreans. Ouch

Anyway, I dreamed that situation, except that everyone was this weird amalgam of Pokemon and DragonballZ looking animated types. Which is very weird, because I've never watched a whole episode of either Pokemon or DragonballZ, and didn't like what I did see.

I didn't make the link between the scenario of the dream and the USENET article I read until only a few hours ago.

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