Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 154 of 164. Chest & Biceps

Haven't been since LAST Friday (which I forgot to LJ), because of the holiday on the 5th, and an all-company meeting on the 7th. Chest is normally Monday, but I think I prefer it on Friday, since lots of other people do the "chest/legs/back -- M/W/F" cycle as well.

  1. Warmup of the Elliptical Crosstrainer, 600 s.
  2. Finally got access to the machine, so did Hammer Frame Chest Press. 65lb per hand. 10x4 (yes, four, not three).
  3. Cycled with Reverse Crunch, 15x3. Those are already tough, and doing them on the slightly inclined bench of the Hammer Frame makes them twice as hard.
  4. Machine Upright Chest Press. I don't care for this one, too much shoulder.
  5. cycled with Ball Plank.
  6. Nautilus Chest Fly. Did good, but
  7. tried to cycle it with Pushup. I did one set, which fried my chest, so when I tried to cycle back to the fly, had to drop a LOT of weight, and had to drop the remaining pushups entirely.
  8. After a rest, did Ball Crunch. 35lb, 3x35
  9. cycled with the remaining two sets of the Pushups.
  10. Reclined Cable Bicep Curl. The 50lb I do that at is HEAVY, much heavier than just doing a 25lb barbell in each hand while standing up,
  11. which is exactly what I cycled it with. Standing Hammer Grip Bicep Curl.

There was a 14yo kid and what looked like his 12yo brother in the weightroom. At least, that's my guess. The older I get, the younger they look, and the harder it is for me to guess ages. They were going to screw up their shoulders the way they were trying to do pulldowns.

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