Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Events and Impending Birthdays

Fruitwood Grill

I went to the Merc Friday night. The Merc itself was pretty boring, but I met kespernorth there, and invited him to dinner. We walked up to the Broadway Grill, sat at the bar, watched our steaks cook over the fruitwood fire, and randomly chatted.

Friends Close By

I spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning with elfs and omahas and with Kouryou-chan. She gets noticibly brighter and more capable every time I see her. But she's starting to display some of her older sister's mannisms, which causes some unusual nature/nurture contemplations.

After dinner (homemade chili) and Kouryou-chan had been put to bed, I was chatting with Elf in the kitchen while pretzels were being made. He got out a bottle of wine, and I offered a mug for a pour. And proceeded to sip it down the rest of the night, as it was probably the largest single quantity of alcohol I had ever had in my life. It was... interesting.

A Friend Far Away, and a Good Idea

I spent several hours Sunday evening chatting via GAIM with missdimple. I mention that here mainly to say that I think she's really cool, and I hope that she both gets over her headcold and resolves her work/stress issue soon. She and I came up with a business idea that I think is a great idea for Boston, but needs a chunck of capital. It sucks to come up with ideas like that. Why do rich people do such BORING things with their angel money?

I don't feel as sick as I sound

Went to my dentist today (Monday). I get a cleaning every four months, instead of the more usual six. My own fault. In the mid 1990s I didn't got to a dentist for about 5 years, and came down with periodontal disease. I had to have a comprehensive root planing, and now accelerated cleanings, until all my soundings are less than 3mm. I still have a few 4mm and 5mm pockets. It takes a long time to heal from this, on the order of 10 years for a moderate case like mine. At least I can heal. People with more advanced cases and shallow roots NEVER heal from it, and even lose teeth to it.

The headache is still with me, tho sometimes I forget it's there. Sometimes even, I think it's gone completely. I stop, notice it's lack, and "search" for it. When I do that, I feel sort a "hole" where it usually is. It's not that I don't feel it, it's that I feel it be not there. It's very strange. But it always comes back.

My impending birthday

I used to be excited about my birthday anniversary. It was a big and special day. But with each passing year, they've gotten less and less exciting, in general. I have no idea, really, what to do with myself this coming Wednesday.

Kiln People

I've been reading Kiln People by David Brin. It's an interesting what-if, and contains two of Brin's trademarks. Specifically, this is a SF world where it's pretty good to be an ordinary person, and it features a Transparent Society. There are several flaws in his treatment of what it would be like to be a "ditto", but I'll wait to the end to see if he's just handwaving some of my "wait a minute"'s away, or if he will address them.

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