Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Home network rebuilt

DSL modem with associated cables is bagged up and placed in the box of "computer stuff", and the DOCSIS cable modem happily working with the new home router, which for 50 bux, is occupying a twentyeth the space that the junky old 586 linux box (which was doing only iptables NAT and LPD print serving). The only function missing right now is printing, and that will come back as soon as I buy a cheap used HP print server appliance off eBay. I need to install the refurb kit in my printer anyway. (The HP 5L was/is notorious for having a prematurely worn out takeup roller, and there is a company that sells a much superior replacement one, with a video guide to doing the work.)

The VoIP box is running as well. Tomorrow I will fax in the paperwork to port my existing landline telephone number over to it. I expect Verizon to drag their feet the full six weeks. Also going in the fax machine tomorrow are the cancellation order from my ISP, for my DSL service, and for AT&T LD service. When it's all done, the only thing my POTS copper pair will be good for will be for dialing 911.

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