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Mark Atwood
Fifty Six Deceits in Fahrenheit 911

I'm starting to hear more and more, varients of "well, maybe he made some mistakes, but he raises good points!"

No, no he doesn't. Don't trust a single thing he has ever said or anything he has ever put in one of his movies, until it's been fact-checked to death by someone like SpinSanity first. (At which point, why not just read SpinSanity?)
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sarmonster From: sarmonster Date: July 6th, 2004 07:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
I could argue against every single one of these, both have questionable facts, both are biased & misleading; Moore & this guy could go around for hours, arguments are weak on both sides. There were things that were misleading about the film & they're pretty easy to pick out, its media: Are we surprised? Attacking Moore's opinions that contradict the documentary is silly. Would he have MADE the documentary if he didn't agree with its message?

Moore also stated that he'd be on Kerry Day 2.

There is YET to be an explanation of WHAT the connection between Iraq & Bin Laden was, why is that?

Anyway, I'm not impressed.
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