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Review of Spider-Man 2

elfs and I saw a mid-evening showing of Spider-Man 2.

It was much fun.

There were a fair number of philosophizing soliloquies, but they were decently integrated with the narrative, so didn't bump too much.

Some fun religious imagery (the hero dieing on a cross to save others, the crowd reverantly moving a body, Doc Oct literally literally pulling a "Sampson at the Temple").

The CGI of his motion is better. He moves like a big sticky rubber bug.

Some stupid science nit-nicks. Pumping large amounts of iron into a "self-sustaining fusion" fireball will put it out, not grow it! While pouring water into it will *not* put it out, it will grow it!

Otto discovered something even cooler then a way to make self sustaining fusion. He discovered a way to make a magnetic monopole!

Speaking of which, he knew that there would be very strong magnetic effects, since he specifically made his arms to be magnetically inert. One would think that he would therefore have known better than to run his apparatus in environments full of steel and iron?

Even so, it was a fun and exciting comic-book action flick.

Go see it.

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