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Mark Atwood
Review of Spider-Man 2
elfs and I saw a mid-evening showing of Spider-Man 2.

It was much fun.

There were a fair number of philosophizing soliloquies, but they were decently integrated with the narrative, so didn't bump too much.

Some fun religious imagery (the hero dieing on a cross to save others, the crowd reverantly moving a body, Doc Oct literally literally pulling a "Sampson at the Temple").

The CGI of his motion is better. He moves like a big sticky rubber bug.

Some stupid science nit-nicks. Pumping large amounts of iron into a "self-sustaining fusion" fireball will put it out, not grow it! While pouring water into it will *not* put it out, it will grow it!

Otto discovered something even cooler then a way to make self sustaining fusion. He discovered a way to make a magnetic monopole!

Speaking of which, he knew that there would be very strong magnetic effects, since he specifically made his arms to be magnetically inert. One would think that he would therefore have known better than to run his apparatus in environments full of steel and iron?

Even so, it was a fun and exciting comic-book action flick.

Go see it.

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intrepid_reason From: intrepid_reason Date: July 2nd, 2004 07:47 pm (UTC) (Link)


Norman and I saw it at Oaktree last night. I thought it was better than the first, but honestly... Thank you for the science lesson, you are correct as I understand it, but the firey ball sucking up the river just isn't as threatening to the city{;o). Suspension of disbelief...like a mna is going to morph into a super human because he gets bit by a spider...LOL
sinanju From: sinanju Date: July 3rd, 2004 12:04 am (UTC) (Link)

Spider-Man 2 SPOILERS

Just got back from seeing it. I liked it. Will no doubt see it again at least once with Snippy, and probably with Twoson. My thoughts--Otto Octavius is a SUPER-genius! Why? Because he invented superhumanly powerful and dextrous robot arms, neural interface technology _and_ human-level (at least) artificial intelligence AS A STEPPING STONE to his REAL goal. Boy, those arms have come a long way since the original primitive version controlled by dials on a belt.

(Frankly, if he can do that he should have been able to write his own ticket--or if Oscorp owned the rights, Harry wouldn't have been whinging about being ruined by one failed experiment.)

Did Robby (the black City Editor for the Bugle) put on some weight since the first film? I don't remember him being so large in the first film. I don't think Jonah came off as well this time around. He didn't have a moment of real integrity (like refusing to ID Peter to the Green Goblin even at the risk of his own life in the first movie) to counterpoint his over-the-top personality.

Boy, is there anyone who _doesn't_ know Peter is Spider-Man now? Let's see Otto Octavius, Mary Jane, Harry, Peter's doctor, and I suspect Aunt May. A trainload of people saw his face, though they don't know his name. (I kept waiting for someone to pull out a camera, only to have another passenger snatch it away.) I also half expected Peter to show up at the Bugle, tell Robby "I need my suit" and have Robby just nod, say nothing, and distract Jonah while Peter grabbed it.

So we've got the Green Goblin II lined up. *yawn* I've never liked the Green Goblin, and I especially don't care for the movie version. On the other hand, Dr. Connors is well-established now, so we can expect the Lizard to make an appearance sometime. And John Jameson, if I'm not mistaken, has a slight werewolf problem looming in his future. (Or he did in the old comics.)

As I said, overall I really liked it. I think some of the SFX of Spider-Man leaping and swinging about could have been better, but the CGI arms Doc Ock was using were terrific. I would like to see a rematch between Otto and Spidey (way more than I want to see a rematch with the Green Goblin). Alfred Molina was great.

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