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Mark Atwood
Gym. Session 151. Chest & Biceps
  1. Warmup with Elliptical Crosstrainer. Standard 10m
  2. Dumbbell Bench Chest Press, 100x3x10
  3. cycled with Reverse Crunch, 3x15
  4. Inclined Chest Press Machine. I really didn't like this machine, it just felt "wrong", and too much into the shoulders.
  5. cycled with Ball Plank 30sec, 20sec, 20sec.
  6. Ball Shoulder Fly
  7. cycled with Ball Crunch, 25lbx3x35
  8. Barbell Bicep Burl
  9. speedcycled with Standing Hammer Grip Dumbbell Bicep Curl. Speed cycle means, no rest between pairs. So basically it's 20 consecutive reps, 10 of one and 10 of the other. I started getting serious bad lactic acid burn.
  10. Finished off with Hammer Frame Bicep Curls

My shoulders were sore and weak. I think I may have worked them a bit much schlepping around a heavy backpack this weekend.

I've been asked about this. When I say "Hammer Frame", that refers to a specific brand/style of "support frame slash machine" that I load ordinary barbell weights onto, and do a given exercise, and it guides my motion. When I say "Hammer Grip", that's a particular way of holding a pair of dumbbells.
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