Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Seattle Pride 2004

So I went after all, but I missed the parade, which is probably the part I shouldnt have missed. Volunteer Park was crowded and bright. I think I'm probably going to regret not putting on some sunscreen. Didn't buy anything, except some lunch (mmm.. cajun blackend salmon). I was being tempted at the UtiliKilts booth, but I think I'll actually go to their factory/storefront when/if I decide to buy. (judyg has said she would like to see me in one). Sat on the grass with Pax and Ilsa and friends for a while. I didn't recognize him at first when he called to me, he looks different "in color".

Seattle Pride 2004Seattle Pride 2004Seattle Pride 2004 Seattle Pride 2004Seattle Pride 2004Seattle Pride 2004

A fair number of the standard issue Useful Idiots where there as well.
  • The Socialist Party USA. "Free The Detainees!"
  • The Socialist Workers Party. "Troops home! Now!"
  • The Socialist Freedom Party (who?!). "Splitter!"
  • The Radical Women's Party. "We demand free abortion on demand. We demand an end to forced sterilization. We demand immediate anti-capitalist action!". I didn't realize that "forced sterilization" was still an issue. When I asked her what "anti-capitalist action" was, all I got in reply was a withering "Men!" and then a Cut Direct. Wow, a living stereotype.
  • And a earnest pair of married old hippies who seemed to believe "if only we could tax away the CEOs excessive salary, we could fund free health care for all!".
  • Absent. The Pink Pistols.
  • Absent. The Log Cabins.

"Remember where you park, fool!"

Me, being stupid, forgot where I parked. I knew it was going to be an issue, I thought about it, when I locked up to walk away, that I should write down the intersection, or set a GPS waypoint. But no, I thought I could just remember it. Right. I had to walk a raster scan search on an 8 block by 8 block region to find it, and of course, it was almost at the end. Tired feet, my own fault.
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