Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

That's disgusting!

I saw another doctor today. Dr Yue. Ear, Nose & Throat.

She took a look at my MRI's, and then noted that as neat as MRI's are, they are pretty much useless for looking at sinuses, or any other part of the head than the brain.

Then she took a look up my nose, up the back of my throat, and in my ears. Yes, indeed, the left side of my head is congested and tender, and both of my ears are full of wax.

So she pulled the wax out.

This is not like you sticking your finger in your ear in the shower.

It kept involving what felt like bigger and bigger shovels and clamps, in a rather uncomfortable (but not painful) and LOUD process, until she finally extracted a single ball about 7mm in diameter from the right ear, and one about 3 times that mass from the left.


But I can hear a lot better now. Too much better. Being able to hear individual raindrops, every cheap PC fan, and the fabric of my coat rubbing against my vest gets old. We have eyelids, why don't we have earlids?

I still have the headache though.

So I spray some stuff up my nose every day for two weeks, and then come back and get an endoscope shoved up my sinuses.

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