Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Camera. Sushi. Grind.

A New Toy

I got a new toy today. Rather, a replacement toy. My previous digital camera had stopped working, so I replaced it.

A coworker had pointed me to a digital camera comparison site, so tried it, and told it "MUST optical zoom and macro, MUST standard format batteries, MUST CompactFlash memory". And it recommended the Canon PowerShot series. I picked the A80, and picked a vendor.

It arrived today. It's just as promised. A bit heavier than my old Kodak DX3600, but that's mainly because it uses more batteries, it has a better multi-element zoom lens, and best of all, it's got a metal body. The only "nice to have" missing is RAW. That lack is annoying, because that's purely a matter of software. Simple software too, since it's not actually adding a feature, it's just optionally disabling one.

Birthday Sushi

Today is julzerator's birthday. She and artvixn decided to celebrate their birthdays together at Todai Sushi at the Pacific Place Mall, and they issued an open invitation to attend. So I prepped and wrapped their presents, and I went.

It was just them and me. Shame on ya, y'all!

Still, a good time was had, and the presents were well received.

And it was a fun restaurant concept, marrying a Japanese menu with the American all-you-can-eat serve-yourself style restaurant.


I found myself alone in Seattle on a Thursday night. So I headed over to The Grind. Part to pick up my new membership card, and mostly just to have fun.

I danced, and I sweated, and I danced some more.

I struck up and held a fun conversation with a yummy lady who had been just standing alone looking tense. It was her second time at the `Spot, and her first time by herself. Her previous bf had just moved out of state last week. She's a linux/windows desktop sysadmin for the medical center at the UW. Unfortunately, she had to leave just after 10. I do hope she emails me.

So I went back to the floor. A few people I knew and a few I barely knew came and went and we chatted and flirted. I got a very flattering "I loved watching you", and dished out a few such compliments as well.

At quarter to midnight, I called it a night.


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