Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 149. Legs.

  1. Warmup with Elliptical Crosstrainer. I think it was broken, it was off balance, and the resistance was too high. Only did 5 minutes.
  2. Machine Leg Press. Still pouring on the weight, another personal record, 315lb.
  3. cycled with Ball Squats.
  4. Nautilus Leg Curl. New weight record.
  5. cycled with Ball Leg Curl.
  6. Nautilus Leg Extension. New record. I'm now only 10lb short of the weight my trainer does for this.
  7. cycled with Lunges. I still hate lunges, but they're not as miserable.
  8. Seated Calves. There were 3 45lb plates on the machine, and rather than break it down, we decided to do it. And I did. New record.
  9. Finished off with Standing Calves. Same weight as last time, but after all this, that was pretty impressive too.

One of my best days ever.


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