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Mark Atwood
If you think it's "unfair", try to rebut it on the facts, and with something with a little more weight then bullhorned chants.
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omahas From: omahas Date: June 23rd, 2004 02:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
Naw, this review is crap...I don't even have to read it all to know that. I mean, he may have all of his ducks in a row about the film itself...I don't know. The problem is, I don't trust a word of what he's going to say after reading the first few paragraphs because it's quite obvious that this isn't a review of Michael Moore's film. It's a review of Michael Moore. Christopher Hitchens has very obviously made this a personal deal, and showed it in the beginning by briefly describing the debate he and Moore had, then basically stating that Moore had become a hypocrite and stating all the ways in which the film proved that, including the last one which is where I decided I'd had enough:

6) The American lives lost in Afghanistan have been wasted. (This I divine from the fact that this supposedly "antiwar" film is dedicated ruefully to all those killed there, as well as in Iraq.)

This he 'divines' simply because of a dedication?? At least he was willing to admit it. I would simply have taken such a dedication as a remembrance that in all wars, whether you agreed with them or not, you should remember the soldiers who fought them.

Nope, I'll watch the movie and make my own opinion, thanks, though to be honest I wasn't really interested in watching it before I read the first few paragraphs of this review (still not sure I'm interested). I don't normally read reviews to determine if I want to watch a movie...after all, reviewers are really self-important people who want their opinion to be yours. And Christopher Hitchens has certainly seemed to place himself as incredibly self-important if he felt that he could turn a personal vendetta of some sort into a movie review.
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