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Mark Atwood
A neat trick with MP3.com, USB storage devices, and wget
I like listening to music from MP3.com, and I have a new Archos Jukebox player. I've worked out a neat trick. This will work for any MP3 player that acts as a USB storage device.

  1. Mount the Archos on the Linux box as a disk (USB Storage Device).

  2. Browse MP3.com, and find a band.

  3. Right click on "Play All Tracks Now!"

  4. Select "Save link as" and name it to "playlist.m3u". The m3u files from MP3.com quit working after an hour or so, but that's not a problem.

  5. Create and cd to a new directory in the Archos

  6. Run "wget -i ~/playlist.m3u"

  7. This will suck down all of music on that playlist.

  8. Which can then be played at leasure.

    Current Music: The Cynic Project "Tropical Destination"

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    elfs From: elfs Date: February 28th, 2003 01:44 pm (UTC) (Link)


    Bwahahaha! Most Evil! I shall truly enjoy this one. (Oh, my poor widdle laptop hard drive...)
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