Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

A half and a day

Friday Evening, I was still suffering from the urge for a hamburger, so after I left work, I met up with jezel and went out to Red Robin, for a classic cheeseburger, as rare as they could legally serve it. Mmmm...

Then we watched a silly dumb comedy, Dodgeball. Yet another film in the "Bad News Bears" genre, but it was cute and funny (well, sometimes it was a little forced, and that wasn't so funny).

The setting/characters/stakes involved a big glitzy expensive gym vs a small cheap neighborhood gym, which added a bit of fun, given the aspects of being a gymrat I'm started to acquire.

It was well cast and well acted, with a load of great cameos, like Lance Armstrong, Chuck Norris, David Hasselhoff, and William Shatner. And it's got some actors I really like, like Stephen Root (the "stapler guy" from "Office Space") and Missi Pyle (Laliari from "Galaxy Quest"). I'm not really much of a Ben Stiller fan, but his character here was a semi-insane jerk, it worked.

I was beating myself, trying to remember what other roles I had seen the "Dave the Pirate" actor. Checking afterward on IMDB, it was the same guy who played the pilot on the TV show "Firefly".

And it has a character for Wayne's book, should he want to review a new edition.

Saturday Morning consisted mainly of sleeping in, feeding the cats, and playing some difficult measures of the current practice piece several dozen times.

Saturday Afternoon, I braved the unusual bright and heat (the weatherband was saying "highs in the 80s", but my thermometer was saying mid 90s), and made my way to Shoreline for the First Annual Average Joe Cat Show.

The cats at the typical show are basically supermodels, bred to and judged to arbitrary fixed standards that are, IMO, often really not all that attractive. This show was different. It was all and only housepets, and they were all beautiful in the way that only much loved cats can be.

After that was over, I made my way to CapHill for the monthly BiSocial. Sometimes there are 4 people who come, and sometimes 40. This time, was a 4. Even so, if was fun to meet, greet, socialize, and flirt.

Saturday Eveningelfs had invited me down for hamburgers. I was a bit late getting there, but they were gracious enough to feed me leftovers, and I had an enjoyable time talking with the girls. They were all excited to show me what the firemen had taught them today, and so showed me how to escape the house from their bedroom should the smoke alarm go off. Smart girls. Smart firemen, to turn escape drills into a fun game for kids to play at the local town summer festival.

Then omahas and I settled down to enjoy Moulin Rouge, which she had never seen. The DVD player started flaking out towards the end, which got a bit frustrating, but it was still fun to show her why I liked it. (Thanks much, missdimple for showing it to me originally.)
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