Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

A look at the `05 Subarus

My Forester went in for it's first oil change this morning. (The dealer provides "free" oil changes "for life", so long as I do the standard regular maintenance at their shop as well). Hopefully it will make it safely to the second, unlike it's forbear.

The `05 models have come in. While the `05 Forester is not much different from my `04, the Outbacks have changed a fair amount. The biggest change, is that I fit in one. A few years ago, while we were together, jezel wanted us to get an Outback, and one of the reasons I vetoed it was that I didn't fit in it. And when I was eval'ing new cars, I tried the `03 and `04 Outbacks, and I still didn't fit. It was just something about how the seat, it's angle, and the floorboards worked together, that I just couldn't get comfortable. Well, Fuji has fixed that in the `05 models. If they had had that last year, I probably would have ended up with an Outback instead of a Forester. Well, we'll see that the 2014 model year cars are like... ;)
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