Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


Thank goodness for late hotel checkout, I don't think I stirred `til noon.

Breakfast was at about 2pm, with just me, intrepid_reason, and I—. P— had already gone home to Seattle.

I was introduced to the overwhelming olfactory experience that is a Lush storefront. Leslie had gotten a gift cert for there for her birthday, and while she was picking stuff out, I wandered around, looking at the cool stuff, and ended up getting almost as much "product" as she did:

Sometimes I look at my array of "product" on my bathroom counter, and consider the fact that I use the term "product" to describe them, and wonder about myself. But I can still go less than 20 minutes from stepping out of bed to stepping into my car, without missing any steps, so I'm not worried.. yet.

Anyway, after a small reprise of yesterday's confusion, we sorted out the maps, roads, and route, and worked out way out of Vancouver. And eventually worked our way into Seattle.

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