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Another day, another dollar

Well, the big huge corporate demo at Digeo went well. Paul Allan will keep giving us money. Money makes the world go `round, after all.

I hung out with kespernorth at the Mercury the other night. He was all happy, he's well employed again. Funny, that I knew that that was going to happen before he did, and I haven't even worked at F5 for a year. In fact, it was almost exactly a year ago that I quit there.

He was all bouncy with his job and his girlfriend. I'm happy for him, I am. But I'm also a little bit green-eyed, I guess.

I still have this cold, and am chugging down the OJ and taking a pill every four hours to keep my sinuses drained. I don't like taking symptom pills, they make the problem last longer, but after a night of wanting to claw out my own face and hammer a spike thru my temples, I will take the pills.

Kory Christensen, an old high school friend, just emailed today, he and his wife had a baby girl on Friday. Cool. He's the guy who turned me on to this company in the first place. He's cool, even tho he's a good Mormon and a software patent attorney. Shit, I forgot to sent them a Yule card.

I spent some time last night on the phone with JudyG. She wants to visit Seattle next year. I want her to.

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