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Gym. Session 144. Legs.

Finally, for first the first time in eight weeks, I did legs at the gym.

I was afraid that I would start, and my hip would buckle, and I'd have to wait another two months. Or that my legs had gotten so out of shape that I would make myself sick, like I did the very very first time I did legs.

But no, it went well.

  1. Crosstrainer Warmup, 10 minutes.
  2. And then we hit it. Took lots of rest between sets, did the motions very slowly, and did sets of 15 instead of ten. First of all, Leg Press. Started very easy, but I threw the weight on fast. 90lb x 15, then 180lb x 15, then 225lb x 15, and finally 270lb x 15. Felt GOOD.
  3. Nautilus Leg Extension. 90lb x 10, 95lb, 100lb.
  4. Seated Calves Raise. 90lb x 15 x 3
  5. Nautilus Leg Curl. 90lb x 15 x 3
  6. Finished off with Standing Calves Raise. 235lb, 250lb, 265lb.

My legs were shivering a lil bit by the end. We'll see how stiff and sore I am tomorrow. But, it felt good.

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