Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


My head is jammed full of goo. I feel like Dave Lister with the "Space Mumps", only I only *wish* I could make my head explode. I'm extremely dehydrated, even tho I drank about 2l of water thru the night, pissed out almost none of it, and my sheets are not sopping with sweat. Where is the water going?

I think I will cancel my afternoon piano lesson.


I can't cancel work tho (even tho I'm already 8 hours ahead in my timelog for the week), there is a new weird project getting underway, that apparently requires my assistance, and the meeting for kicking it off my involvement is today. eBay

Someone already bought the DVD Player, and paid for it, so I've prepped the box to drop off at the local USPS on the way to work.


I found what looks like the almost perfect morse trainer for me. It does both the Koch and Farnsworth training methods. Except. Except that I can't get it to compile. And not because of changes in Qt, it seems, but because of changes in g++'s implementation of C++. Shit. There's a language I hate worse than JavaScript, and it's C++.

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