Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 139. Back, Shoulders & Triceps

I have read that researchers have shown that one is not any weaker when fighting a cold. That seems to be true, but working out doesn't make you actually feel any better.

  1. Machine Pull-Up & Machine Dip. Once again, I was surprisingly weak on the pull up, but the dips were good.
  2. Hammer Frame Iso-Lateral High Row. Someone had left their stack on the machine, it was 30 lb more than I had done before. Rather than pull off the stack and rebuild it, we decided to see what I could do. I was struggling by #9 and never quite finishing #10 of each set, but still. Wow. Thirty pounds more.
  3. Seated Dumbbell Tricep Press cycled with Seated Dumbbell Lat Raise. My right elbow started to hurt. No! No more injuries, no!
  4. Nautilus Shoulder Press cycled with Nautilus Machine Pullover. I was starting to get a bit woozy by this point.
  5. Low Back Raise. This was almost relaxing.
  6. Finished off with V Grip Cable Tricep Pulldown, and banged out an extra 5 reps on the last set.

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