Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 137. Back & Triceps

Walking into the gym, that had half of it torn apart with the machines wheeled out onto the sidewalk. They were ripping out the (worn) carpetting and putting down rubber mat. Fortunately, none of the machines I needed today had been molested.

Machine Pull-Up & Machine Dip. For some reason I was really sweak on the pullup, and had to drop weight. Machine Row. Nautilus Shoulder Press & Nautilus Lateral Shoulder Raise. The supershoulder superset. Low Back Raise & Seated Dumbbell Tricep Press. Up to 45lb for the press. I thought I was about to split out my shirtsleeves, but I did it. Rope Grip Cable Tricep Pulldown. And then had to go really light here, because I cooked my with the dumbbell. Nautilus Machine Pullover. New weight record.

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