Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

sunrise, sunset, sunrise


Went and got my monthly hair cut. Once again, I was almost late. Rusty, as always, did a fabulous job.

Street Fair season has begun in Seattle, with the U District one. It was a little gray and a little chill, but still fun. I did have to call up jatg and crow at her a bit. I know that the street fairs are one of the things she really misses about the emerald city. I didn't buy anything except lunch. The neatest thing was the couple walking around showing off their four huge well trained brilliantly colored parrots. No, wait, I did buy something, I bought a 10 minute chair massage. And I relaxed my hip when it hurt in at the Sky Chair booth. Someday it will be nice to hang mine up again.

Then I went to the monthly social at Vivace. Only three of us this time, but the conversation wandered far and wide, and I probably sold another someone a copy of Write Now. That will be 4, including myself.

Went down to hang out with omahas & elfs and the girls. A nice slow evening. The movie of the night was Shrek, which is always fun. I had recommended Mulan Rouge, but the video store was already closed.


No Sale of Jeep

Well, the neighbors don't want to buy the jeep. Crud. I don't want to junk it yet, I mean, it still runs, it just needs labor, mostly.

File Purge

But I did take the opportunity while going thru my files to find the title, to purge and shred about 8 inches of junk. It turned into about ten gallons of loose confetti.

No Shrek 2 today

I had thought that Shrek II opened today, but I guess not. Will have to wait `till next weekend.

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