Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I ate at 10pm, I shouldn't be this hungry. Maybe my body is trading food for sleep?

I've got 900ml of Diet Rock Star in me. It's not as "mentally smooth" as SugerFree RedBull, will have to remember that.

I've got the old "skeleton song" running thru my head, but instead of toe bones connecting to foot bones, it goes more like this:

/proc/sys/kernel/hotplug points to /sbin/hotplug
/sbin/hotplug calls /rst/bin/plugusb
/rst/bin/plugusb was compiled from apps/hotplug/usb/PlugUSB.c
which writes to named pipe /tmp/usbmgr
which is read by mr/bm/usb_bm/USBBussManager.cpp
that runs a thread of HotplugFunc
which creates a CUSBDevice
and event posts USBDeviceAttachedEventId
which is received by mr/dm/usb_dm/USBDMServer.cpp
in the thread fExternalDeviceNotifyThread
which event posts DeviceAttachedEventId
which is received by I dont know what yet

What a frikking mess of a pile of code...

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