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Online Government

When I gave the totaled wreck (X X X X) of the old Forester to GEICO in exchange for the settlement check this last April Fools Day, I was supposed to report the transfer to the Washington State Department of Licensing (there's a form to do exactly that attached to the bottom of the Title Certificate).

I had let it slip, and let it slip, and finally this evening burned my why thru a pile of paperwork until it came up. I filled out the form, and then when to the WA DOL's website to find my closest "licensing agent" and find out what the fee was going to be.

Turns out that I can fill out and submit the same form online. For free. So I did.

It like the DOL has gone web enabled in a big way. The whole "independent licencing agency" scam, and also the whole traditional "stand in line at the DMV" scene is fading like a bad dream.

What *really* amazed me was that it worked Just Fine in Mozilla on Linux, and refrained from any IEisms and from any fancy JavaShit.
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