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Gym. Chest & Biceps

Warmed up doing Incline Crunch and Plank. I actually got 75 seconds on my 2nd set of plank, in addition to the usual 60 secs for the other two.

Then Steve got finished with his previous client, and we hit it. First was hammer Frame Bench Press. And I set it at 10 lb heavier than I've ever done. And I did it. I won't say it was easy, but my form was still solid even at the last rep. Cycled with Ball Crunch. I'm up to 25 rep sets on that, even with a 25lb plate under my chin.

Then Inclined Dumbbell Chest Press cycled with Reverse Crunch. Again very strong. Cybex Machine Fly, going up 5lb each set, again breaking a personal record, again feeling very strong.

Then we cycled Prone Bicep Cable Row with Standing Hammer Grip Dumbbell Bicep Curl. With no rest between. That really sucked. Somehow it got past my creatine preloading, and the lactic acid fatigue set my upper arms on fire. I failed on the very last set of standing curls.

Finally, Nautilus Preacher Curl cycled with Floor Cross Crunch.


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