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Mark Atwood
Well, Dr Travis poked and prodded at my knee, and pushed my leg around in various directions, and had me relax and contract my quads while he did so.

His diagnosis: "damfino".

The course of action: "If it's not getting better by next week, I'll order up a MRI for it."

And he also ordered up a brain MRI for my headache and assorted array of "interesting things we should keep tabs on". That's something I'm going to have get done every year.
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From: andreloire Date: May 7th, 2004 03:16 pm (UTC) (Link)

Love That Diagnosis

I love that diagnosis. Reminds me of "thingy" -- that technical term. :-)

Good to know that nothing obvious is wrong (yes, I've assumed the doc's not a nit-wit about knees).
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