Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I took a sheet of heavy writing paper from a Exacompta pad, and using a q-tip, applied some strokes of Noodler Black and some strokes of Noodler Aquamarine Contract, and then waited for it to dry completely. I mixed up a batch of bleaching solution (a few capfuls of generic clorine bleach in a half gallon of water) and poured it into a pyrex tray, and then slid the paper into the solution, covered it, and let it sit.

The next day, I checked it. No apparant fading. The marking was still there, with no fade and no color change.

Then I took a sheet of the same kind of paper, and again using q-tips, made an array of test patches, one for each kind of bottled colored ink I possess.

  • Dr Ph Martins Bombay Black India Ink
  • Noodlers Black
  • Noodlers Aquamarine Contract
  • Shaeffer Kings Gold
  • Private Reserve Candy Apple Red
  • Private Reserve Sherwood Green
  • Private Reserve Lake Placid Blue
  • Private Reserve Blue Suede
  • Private Reserve Grey Flannel

Again, I waited for it to dry completely, and then slipped the page into the same tray of bleaching solution.

I was expecting to let it sit for a day again, but didn't bother.

In TEN MINUTES, all the test patches except for the India and the Noodlers ink were GONE. The PR Red took less than a minute to completely disappear, I actually stood there and watched it fade away.

The india ink started to "lift" and smear under the water, and made a noticable "smear" when I lifted the page out of the water and let it drain off.

At least w.r.t. chlorine bleach, Noodlers lives up to it's claims.

The formulator said that it's also proof against ammonia, acetone, alcohol, detergents, and UV light. I suppose I could test those as well, but they would stink the place up. Hmm.. He didn't mention gasoline...

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