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Mark Atwood
My camera has died
My camera is broken, it seems. I discovered this last Sunday, when I tried to take pictures at the protest. Damn. So now I need to seek for a replacement.

My Kodak DX-3600 had some features I really liked, specifically, it took CompactFlash formfactor memory, it took AA formfactor batteries, and it had a optical zoom and optical macro. I didn't care for the plastic body and the wasteful size (most of the interior is just empty place, instead of making it as small as possible.)

It looks like most cameras now want to use one of the more expensive more proprietary memory formats, and to use their own proprietary batteries.
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From: pir Date: May 4th, 2004 06:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
Many of the canon cameras use CF still (like my new S500) but not all - CF is too physically large for newer smaller cameras.

Finding a camera that takes AAs now will be hard, they don't last long enough. I havn't heard of one in quite a while.
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