Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The leg is still sore. It's fine when I sit, until a while has passed, then it aches. So I stand up, then it's fine again. Until a while has passed, then it aches. Lather, rince, repeat.

Hooked up with jezel in Seattle, hung out for a while before my piano lesson. Watched the hail fall and listened to the thunder. The power was out at Mr Henry's, but there was still enough sunlight to play. The piece assigned last week, for the next salon, is "A Little Song", op 27 no 2, by Dmitri Kabalevsky. It moves around a lot, so it's finding my "read absolute note" weaknesses.

When I got home, *my* power was out too, even tho it was fine in most of Seattle and also fine in the core of Kirkland. I washed up the dishes, washed out the drinkwell, watered the cats. Chatted with my neighbors, negotiated in re selling them my Jeep. The wife is one of those types with an innocent face, a wide smile, and a soft voice, but is a hard and shrewed bargainer. I also get the feeling she's the one who controls the budget and the checkbook. Her English is better than his, as well.

I came to work, kibbizted with some coworkers, and have been researching deep into the workings of Linux USB Mass Storage drivers.

Our box was today installed in it's very first *real* bill-paying customer's site, out in New York. Our box is also getting a lot of press X X X X X X, some of it even mostly accurate.

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