Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

So early this afternoon, all three cats snuggle up around me, and who am I to deny them some close time? Until I notice that's quarter past one on my watch. And the concert is at two.

The cats scattered in different directions, as I performed ablutions and dressing at triple time. Zoom down the road, traffic was fast all the way until the Montlake Blvd exit. I remained calm. This was my own fault. I didn't cuss. Much. Finally it moved (it looked like they had to drag an accident out of the way.) Into the U District. Into the parking garage. The clock strikes two. The first three levels are full. Finally park. Miracles, I find there is a direct underground access from the parking to the Meany Theater that I had not known of before. Pickup ticket from willcall. Find seat. It's a good seat. Sit, just as the houselights go down. I couldn't have timed it better if I had rehearsed it with a stopwatch.

It was a lovely performance by the Seattle Women's Chorus, and I was able to see jezel on the stage, and chat with her a bit at intermission.

I wish that ESA/SWC would sell CDs of their performances.

Afterwards, she and I met up with her friends Ja—n and Br—t, who were also in the audience, and we all went out to eat at Costa's. J&B went off their own way, and jezel & I went over to the Landmark to see Shaolin Soccer. It was great, much fun, not terribly serious. It was The Matrix meets Crouching Tiger meets Police Squad meets The Bad News Bears.

My leg still hurts. I don't know what I want the doctor to find tomorrow.

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