Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My Glass Pen

I love the feel of writing with a fine pen, and I like playing with inks. (My favorite colored FP inks are Private Reserve. My favorite black FP ink is Aurora.)

My ordinary carry-in-my-vest use-at-work pens are Parker Vector Fountain Pens, with the steel point worn to my hand. Which means they work great for me, but will sputter and dribble for anyone else. But my most favorite pen is not one of these.

My favorite pen is a piece of clear handblown glass.

I bought it at booth at Seattle Folk Life this last summer, from the craftsman who made it himself, Michael Ernst.

I had always wanted one, and finally decided to get this particular one because it was extremely high quality, better than I had ever seen before, because it was handmade, because the "feel" was satin dream smooth, and because it had a "for any reason" full lifetime warranty.

Just before Christmas, the tip snapped off while I was using it to write checks to pay bills. Grump. So a few weeks ago, I carefully bundled it up (I had had the foresight to keep it's original box), and mailed it in. Well, it was waiting for me in my mailbox this afternoon.

And it works great again.

So, if you want a glass pen, get an Ernst.

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