Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Back & Tri

Yesterday evening, while goofing off with Kouryou-chan and omahas, I fell pretty hard on the pavement, while running down a hill in the U District. (Said run was unwise, but still fun.) We all fell. Kouryou mostly just got scared, Omaha got scraped, and I seem to have given myself a nice deep muscle bruse right around my right hip.

It kept waking me up all night. So I didn't have high hopes for my performance at the gym.

But instead, just like Friday, I did really really well. Rrrarr.

Cable lat pulldown. Seated cable row cycled with bench dip. Tricep cable pulldown. Low back raise cycled with seated bench dumbbell shoulder press (which was new, it uses a LOT of core to stay upright, since there is no backrest to push/lean against). Machine shoulder raise. Reverse grip machine pullups cycled with machine dips.

Once again, personal weight records down the chart, no failures.

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