Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


Strangely calm at work. Number one priority number one has mostly be reduced to writing a "handholding document" Monday morning. Number one priority number two turned out to be both easy AND someone else pursuing it checked in the fix a few minutes before I did. Number one priority number three turned out to be complex enough that I was able to "manage expectations" into a state of "dont hold your breath for this feature", tho I am still looking forward to working it.

I really felt the need to relax and socialize, so I met up with intrepid_reason, and then later we went to the Merc. I had an amazing good time, and did again at the club. Chatted with existing friends, met and chatted with a number of others, including one guy from Ogden, who was sad to inform me that Sanctuary in SLC had lost it's lease.

I didn't do any dancing tho. I spent a while trying to figure out why I didn't want to, until it hit me. I had throughly cooked my legs at the gym.


Did some chores at home, then set out for "going out". Stopped at All The Best to swap catfood. The variety of the case I had recently bought triggered Sasha's food allergies, and she basically turned into a scab. Poor girl! So it's back to a venison and brown rice, and A/D for her.

Made my long overdue visit to Patrick Bear's so Rusty could work his magic again. We restored the half-grown-out streak, and then he showed me a new trick, washing it with a pale violet "tone". It didn't turn it purple, but it made the straw yellow go MUCH paler. Oh, and the haircut is, of course, fabulous.

Lunch was Piroshki's. I love piroshkis. Mmmm.

Set up my geek kit at Vivace, and got deeper into configuring waproamd on amsu. Fedora is still really lacking in mobile network handling.

There were four of us at the monthly bisocial, small but fun.

I need to go home and go practice hard for the salon tomorrow.

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