April 4th, 2020


Cold opens are the best, everything else sucks

Do you know whats awesome in internet videos? Cold opens, focused attention, get right to the point, show don't tell.

What is the opposite of awesome? "Hi, [speaker name] here of [brand identity], bringing you [uselessly generalized description of topic], with my friend [other person]. Today we're going to talk about [subject of video]. But first, please remember to like, comment, and subscribe so we can keep bringing you this amazing content. [insert 10 second opening montage]. So, [other person], what is interesting about [subject of video]? Well, [speaker name], funny you should ask! [subject of video] is a favorite topic of mine...."

Stop it stop it stop it stop it. Please.

If you are going to play music, immediately start playing.

If you are going to perform, immediately start performing.

If you are going to show a video recording of a beautiful place or view, immediately start with that.

If you are going to show off a tool, technique, craft, thing to make, thing to buy, amazing vista, teach a short lesson, whatever, START and STAY with that. If you MUST have an opening, a 2 second animated logo / bumper at most.

None of the viewers give a crap about the fake friendly pretend greeting. All of that stuff is for the description text of the video. If you really really must have it, put it at the end. And stop begging for "like and subscribe".

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