December 31st, 2019


A suggestion for a new year's resolution: delete artificial scents and delete SLS

A suggestion for a new year's resolution, something that worked for me. It's a small effort, but a big change, and I suggest it for everyone:

Years ago, I deleted almost all industrial and artificial perfumes from my life. Zero fragrance laundry soap. Tooth powder instead of SLS toothpaste. No more SLS based shampoo. No SLS based "body wash". You don't need SLS, especially not on your skin or in your mouth. Instead of shampoo, I just let water run through my hair. Zero scent natural mild soap. Zero fragrance conditioner. No synthetic cologne.

Almost immediately, I was intensely aware of the reek of all this junk in my sweat and in my taste in my mouth, as it drained away over weeks. And then, it was gone. As was most of my acne. And food tasted a LOT better, and natural scents and flowers smelled a lot better.

So, I recommend it. It's an easy New Year resolution, that isn't a lot of work or willpower, but makes a big difference.

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