Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


The most important part of a good con is, who else was there? jezel of course. Also, of course, elfs, omahas, and Kouryou-chan and Yamarashi-chan. Raven (the man who helped me start putting my head together) and his lovely partner shemayazi. Other people bumped into who I always like encountering were julzerator, artvixn, ivolucien, kespernorth, helix90.

Fun other folks: The pro tantric worker couple I met in line to hospitality. Assorted Merc folks who were at the Merchants of Deva party. The group dressed as the Scooby gang. The group dressed as the Futurama gang.

The dance. I danced myself exhaused Friday night, and then a bit more Saturday night. I wore my full leathers, of course. I enjoyed especially a threeway of "Everybody Can" with omahas and julzerator.

The dealer's den. Lots of fun and pretty stuff. There was a vendor selling handmade wool cloaks using "real" jacket wool. I was very tempted, but not quite enough to spend eighty bucks. I did finally buy a mask. None of the "green man" masks were quite right, but I got a good black and silver masque mask.

T-shirts. What is a con without more T-shirts? I got two. "Evil Keeps Me Young" and "I Use My Powers For Evil".

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