June 10th, 2009


Thoughts on Attachment, and thoughts on avoiding it

While I was in Hawaii, I was reading about and practicing meditation.

One of the texts described a technique about attachment.

When you have something you like very much, be it an item, an experience, or a relationship, you should always already remember that it is already broken, lost, ended, or over. So that when it does become so, well, it always was so in your mind.

This seems sad to me, especially about relationships.

Even though it was expressed as "then you will have all the more joy when its there, because it is then a double gift".

Such a lack of attachment, especially in relationships, seems beside the point of a relationship. Unless it's one of just pure mutual use of each other.

It turns being with someone into little more than a longer term form of being in a group line or country dance: "Move to your next partner in the circle, take her hands, and do the steps again."

Am I just being obstinent, "unenlightened", or just entirely missing the point?