March 2nd, 2009


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  • 20:53 had a decently good weekend, and is enjoying sunlight in the windows, Eno on the speakers, good company on the couch, and a fun project #
  • 21:13 will be at O'Reilly Velocity `09 #
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Free, Queen Size box springs

In the process of reducing and redoing my "stuff" and furnature, I find myself with a queen sized box springs that I do not need.

Before I craigslist or freecycle it, I'm first offering it to people who know me.

So, one box springs. No frame, no mattress, just the springs.

Good quality, in good condition.

It's at my house in Capitol Hill in Seattle.

I'd prefer someone come take it away.

Anyone want it?

Seattle MySQL Meetup, now at Blue Gecko's offices

I just got back from the monthly MySQL Meetup. It's been moved from the Elysium to downtown, to the offices of Blue Gecko.

So the food wasn't as good, but it was easier to talk and listen.

The conversation orbited a lot around Drizzle, but also to practical issues of types of sharding, using VIEWs to access denormalized tables, data warehousing solutions, and using snapshots vs online backup tools for backups.

There was also a great deal of discussion about AWS; running databases in EC2 nodes, backing up stuff into S3, building scaling web services, and using CloudFront.

It was fun.

I was "on" most of the time; bright, cheerful, helpful, and outgoing.

Which means, of course, that as soon as I got home, I was exhausted. An introvert am I, still.