January 30th, 2009


Tweets for Today

  • 22:20 UNIX time 1234567890 is 2009-02-13 23:31:30 UTC #
  • 04:42 went climbing. Did a 5.10a wth a full-weight 1-arm pull. Came home, went out. Ran around Volunteer park. Will do pushups. Maybe go to gym? #
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Randoms for tonight and today

Worked really hard last night to shut my head up by working my body hard. Climbing, Running, and Bodyweight work. Result, tired body, but still looping head. Finally went to bed about 4am.

Engaged in some retail therapy on Amazon, buying music and books, and also dinked around with my public profile on there. Amazon Prime is a dangerous thing to have.

While up late, worked with some other Drizzle developers on my latest push. Solaris was, again, as usual, Annoying.

Missed the earthquake, due to finally being asleep.

Woke up when my phone rang at 7am. A friend just received some very unsettling news, and she needed someone to talk to for an hour.

I need a haircut.

Burning Man tickets showed up today. As did a shipment of books from Lulu.

Idea: cross-subscribe XMPP script

Using Net:XMPP, a little script that logs into each of my XMPP accounts, and gathers the contact roster from each, and then merges them. And then from my main XMPP account, adds everyone to the roster there. It shouldn't be too hard, and would be a fun little XMPP exercise.

My two main XMPP accounts are Google Talk and LiveJournal. And right now my main XMPP account is the Google Talk one, since that's what works on my GPhone.