January 22nd, 2009


More impressions from Tasmania

Hobart Tasmania is surprisingly "non-foreign". Yes, most everyone has an Australian accent, they drive on the other side of the road, and the money and the licence plates look weird, but there has been no culture shock at all. The architechture and the climate and the water and the drought make it feel like its just an coastal exurb college town in Southern California.

Sessions are still way fun. I'm right now in a session presented by Tridge on automatically setting up virtualized Samba clusters for testing.

Last night's social activity was a dinner at the local brewery, Cascade, which claims to be the oldest brewery in Australia. I wonder if I can arrange having some of their product shipped home.

I ended up sitting next to Linus for dinner. Topics of discussion ranged from living in Bay Area vs Portland, the growing comfort by ordinary companyies and IP lawyers with open source licenses, handwriting, SCUBA, skydiving, and Hawaii.

The night before last the dinner ended with a fundraising auction for research to save the Tasmanian Devil. The auction got every complex, as various people and groups started pledging various matching contributions condictional on other auction values, matches, and events. At the end of it, over 20K was raised, and an appointment was made to have Linus shave off Bdal's beard. News:ITwire News:LinuxJournal.

Wierd dreams last night and this morning. The backbone story was some sort of happy relationship story that exists in multiple versions across the multiverse, and how it's being disrupted by someone who in multiple versions is crossing around the multiverse and hypertime, breaking each strand of it. And it was seen from multiple points of view.

My friend Kim just published a book on Lulu, Honour Blackmore, An Honest Maid.