January 4th, 2009



Last night, went to the annual New Year party at the Metaphorist. Kim gave me a holiday present, which I realized when I got home that I had left there. Crud. Hopefully Bethieee will be able to pick it up today.

Today, went climbing with Brian, Heather, Helen, and Kent. The gym and the walls were cold. End of the first climb, I couldn't feel my fingertips. By the 3rd climb, I was more warmed up.

In a few second, I'm heading off to the Seattle Public Library to go to the SteamCon meeting.

Talk about doing it wrong...

Friday, I helped a friend who is working a MySQL gig to optimize a query that should have been way fast, but was taking about 100 seconds. Brian even took a look and helped with it. I learned today what the real problem was. The whole system was running on a single ec2-small instance. And by "whole system", I mean a test mysql server, the production mysql server, a test apache server, and the production apache server. All on one ec2-small.

Talk about doing it wrong.