December 11th, 2008


"Technical Professional Purity Test"

A friend suggested the creation of a "Technical Professional Purity Test", and suggested two questions:

Have you ever have you ever implemented a solution you knew would doom the client?

Have you ever yelled at your manager for interrupting your workflow?

Please, suggest more!

last night, today, paperwork, and flying in a purple cabin

I'm winding up tasks and paperwork for my current job, as a "MySQL Professional Services Senior Consultant" (e.g. I fly to gigs and look at MySQL Server configurations) and am transitioning to a different position inside Sun. New job, new division, new boss, doing a bet-the-company-on-this project. Wheee!

One of the pieces of paperwork to wind up was an Engagement Summary for a gig I did last October, in Minneapolis. Bad Consultant! Yesterday evening I nailed myself to an uncomfortable chair, took a morning dose of Provigal, and started hammering away on it. Come sunrise, I took another dose, hammered some more, took krow to the airport, came back, hammered some more, and finally finally got it done. It was interesting, good and bad, because I had to whip off some Perl scripts to grind out timeing information from recorded logfiles that have spent the last N weeks sitting in encrypted partitions in my USB fob.

Getting that turned in was a major burden off my mind. Whew.

But now I had missed a nights sleep, wasnt in the slights bit sleepy, and was, in fact, a touch manic.

There is a meeting at Sun HQ relating to my new work, so I arranged travel, assuming that permission would be forthcoming. And it was, when I did a scheduled telecon with my new boss to be, getting final final confirmation of my transfer, and receiving my new tasking.

I still have N envelopes of receipts to process and submit, and a report about the evaluation gig I did this week. But I will do that while hotelled in a guest cubical in Menlo Park tomorrow.

After getting to a good stopping point, and having enough time before leaving for the airport myself, I called up Sierra the MassageFreek, with the outside hope she had an open slot. And she did. So hustled down to her studio, and she worked out the kinks from the night before, while I vibrated a bit on her table. Trot back up to the house, pack, and go.

This is just a one day two night trip, and I've gotten good enough at packing that I didnt even need the pullbehind carry on, everything fit in my shoulder bag.

This is my first time flying Virgin America, and I can really get used to it. Comfy seats, acceptable leg room, an amusing and engaging safety video, a fabulous male flight attendant right out of central casting, and best of all, in-seat power and wireless internet. Win.