October 27th, 2008


Passing over Helena

It's been a while since I've flown Delta Airlines.
But they have the only non-stop from Seattle to New York City.
And whenever it's not insanely more expensive, non-stop wins.
I checked in 24 hours early, but I was still in the last boarding group.
The in-seat entertainment center is cute. I have it set to "My Flight", so it cycles between a map (I just passed over Helena), and a flight stats summary (10688 m altitude, -54C exterior temperature, 893 km/h ground speed, 56 km/h tail wind, 920 km travelled, time to destination 3:30, time of arrival 10:16 EDT).
While the entertainment center is neat, I would rather have in-seat power.
Strike that, actually I wouldn't, because I lent krow my inflight power coupler, and I would be annoyed to have the opportunity to use it, and not have it.
Why can't the airlines get on the ball for in-flight internet. I don't need to stream a movie, just email and IM.
Working on my overdue engagement summaries. Hopefully, will have at least one queued up in the outgoing email before I land.
One fussy baby. She's not screaming, just obviously bord and frustrated. But then, if I was stuck in her situation, with her coke swilling parents, I would be bored and frustrated too.

Another tourist checkmark, Times Square

So I've walked down to Times Square. Looked at the flashy billboards, ate a piece of pizza, had a pretzel, and walked around an aggressive street begger who demanded my food.

The billboards were blinky, the pizza was mediocre, the pretzel was okay, and the begger was mildly surprising.